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Support for the Ukrainian property management market

Unlike in Poland, housing cooperatives in Ukraine are not created by operation of law following the privatization of housing units. Membership is voluntary and state policy towards them is inconsistent. The complete randomness of service providers in this field and their lack of professionalism led to a loss of trust towards such companies and to the return to the widely criticized ZEKs (the equivalent of Poland’s ADMs – Housing Unit Administrations).

A way out of this situation is to support the growth of SMEs offering property management services. This task was undertaken by the PAUCI Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation. In the framework of last year’s project, entrepreneurs and individuals from Zhytomyr and Poltava were trained in the skills needed to provide property management services. Moreover, Ukrainian officials and administrators of several housing cooperatives took part in two study visits in the regions of Lesser Poland and Silesia, getting to know the legal framework and practical aspects of housing community operations in Poland. Furthermore, 6 representatives of property management companies took part in mini-internships in Polish companies. The participants had a chance to familiarise themselves with the daily work of property managers, property management, and got to know the technologies and tools used in the daily work of property managers.

The events constituting the project received plenty of local media coverage. A property management association – which, in Ukrainian conditions, was a serious representative of the interests of  property owners – was also included in the cooperation. This made it possible to widen the scope of the project’s impact to town areas in other Ukrainian regions.


The “Support for the Ukrainian property management market” project was implemented by the PAUCI Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation. The total cost amounted to PLN 402,060, including MFA’s co-financing worth PLN 361,839.

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