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Seminars on managing cluster organisations in Belarus

A series of information seminars on managing cluster organisations is taking place in Belarus. It is organized by Podlaska Regional Development Foundation (Podlaska Fundacja Rozwoju Regionalnego) as part of a three-year Polish Aid project co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The aim of the project is to implement the cluster system in Belarus. During the seminars the participants will learn about good and bad management practices and their direct impact on effective and efficient functioning of cluster initiatives. The seminars will be held in October and November 2019 in six cities: Novopolotsk, Mogilev, Klichav, Gomel, Pinsk, and Hrodna.

The highlight of the plenary session in Mogilev will be the signing of the cooperation agreement between Podlaska Regional Development Foundation and the Mogilev Free Economic Zone. The Bialystok-based Metal Processing Cluster will sign a similar agreement with its Belarusian partners.

This year a special information portal is due to be launched to present the development of clusters in Belarus.

The implementation of the project has caught the attention of the Belarusian press in Polish:



Polish media also show the progress of the initiative:




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