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Polish Aid helps to make it through the winter

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has partnered with the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) to winterize camps of Syrian refugees.

Northern Lebanon, the mountainous municipality of Arsal. A hundred and fifty-five camps, each numbering from several to several hundred tents, some comprising as many as five thousand. It is here that Syrian refugees are staying. The impending winter poses a major problem, with makeshift tents made of flammable material offering no warm shelter from the winter. Unless improvements are made, the refugees face bitter cold, and in extreme cases even death. The Syrians choose Arsal camps due to low maintenance costs and the proximity of their Lebanese relatives in the nearby town.

A tent in Arsal, Lebanon Photo: Aleksandra Rutkowska/PCPM

PCPM experts and representatives of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) check the technical condition of shelters, and choose the ones in need of immediate renovation. A thousand and six hundred tents are now being repaired, with just as many under construction. In addition, they will be equipped with fire stations featuring fire extinguishers, sand, and implements for containing and putting out fire. The PCPM Foundation’s instructors teach Syrians how to fight fire in tents.

A sheet is being fitted on a tent in Arsal, Lebanon Photo: Aleksandra Rutkowska/PCPM

Moreover, the campaign of distributing aid packages to refugees has recently been launched. Refugees will be given 7,400 plastic sheets and materials necessary to reinforce and insulate their tents.

The project has been implemented by the PCPM Foundation with financial support from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of Poland’s development cooperation and the Polish Aid programme.

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