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News from month: January 2019

A new programme to develop tourism launched in Belarus


In Minsk, representatives of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and of the Belarusian Ministry of Sports and Tourism signed an agreement to implement a programme to develop tourism in Belarus.

Opening of a furniture shop in Molotkoviche


In Molotkoviche, in the Belarusian part of Polesia, there is a special school attended by over 150 disabled children.

Kenyan fire-fighters trained thanks to Polish Aid


Kenya is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa.

Belarusian students happy with Polish Aid


Middle school no. 2 in Mogilev is the only educational establishment in the Mogilev Oblast with an artistic profile.

What’s next for our municipalities? Plans of changes and sharing of experiences


During a two-day forum in Lviv, participants of the project, "Decentralisation in practice – we are learning from each other,” shared their experiences connected with local government reform and summed up their activities in this project.

Development of the cluster system in Belarus


Over 90 participants from all over Belarus participated in an international conference titled “Development of the cluster system in Belarus: a look into the future” in Minsk.

Solar schools in Ukraine


The second edition of the project School of Good Energy in Ukraine has ended in a great success.

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