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New Caritas integrated day-care rooms in Belarus

Investing in childcare and early education brings more benefits to the society than support offered at a later stage of development. Thanks to Polish Aid, a network of Caritas integrated day-care rooms is being created in Belarus to improve the childcare system for groups at risk of social exclusion. New day-care rooms start operating in September. The official inaugurations, with the participation of parents and children, representatives of the clergy and the diplomatic corps, as well as the project implementers, took place, among other places, in Rakow and Kopiszcze near Minsk.

 Otwarcie świetlicy Caritas w Mińsku, fot. Amb.RP w Mińsku

During the inauguration held on 1September 2019, a new day-care room in Rakow was blessed by bishop Jurij Kasabucki, accompanied by father Marcin Iżycki – director of Caritas Polska, father Andriej Żylewicz – director of Caritas of the Archdiocese of Minsk-Mohilev, the clergy of Rakow Orthodox and Evangelical Church, and a representative of the Polish Embassy in Minsk. On 9 September Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz and Ambassador Artur Michalski attendedthe ceremony in Kopiszcze. Apart from the Minsk district, the day-care rooms have also been located in the Grodno and Vitebsk districts.

 Otwarcie świetlicy Caritas w Mińsku, fot. Amb. RP w Mińsku

Created in previous years,the network of day-care rooms provided assistance to over 600 Belarusian children in 2018, helping them in the learning process, organizing their free time and leisure activities, developing their interests and integrating them with peers. The day-care rooms offer the opportunity to spend time with peers and participate in various activities also to disabled children as well as those deprived of parental care, thus overcoming social barriers and making the society more sensitive to the needs of social integration.

Otwarcie świetlicy Caritas w Mińsku, fot. Amb.RP w Mińsku


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