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Micro loans a chance to end isolation of Tajikistani women

Shahrtuz is a city of approximately 30 thousand residents situated at the Afghan-Tajik-Uzbek borderland. Despite their difficult material and social conditions, people inhabiting this region maintain optimistic attitudes and approach towards life.

High unemployment rate and lack of perspectives result in many men leaving their families in order to find employment in Russia. It is estimated that more than 2 million Tajikistani work abroad. Such a high emigration rate has a negative impact on family ties. It often happens that husbands decide to emigrate permanently. In such cases women cannot make a living because the traditional Tajikistani family model results in wife’s total dependence on her husband. Therefore it is essential to provide women with opportunities to gain income.

While the project carried out by the Polish Centre for International Aid and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not assume in advance which type of income-related activity should be taken by women in its course, many of them focused on tailoring and preserves production. Some of them started their own small bakeries, baking traditional local bread. Others bought cattle so that after some time they could resell it with profit. Most of them have already gained profit, which will initially be spent on repaying micro loans.

Women participating in the project have learnt not only how to run their own business activities and how their labour can contribute to the increase of the family’s income, but they have also undergone a stage of psychological consultations, which allowed them to overcome concerns on raising micro loans.

Almost every woman participating in the project raised a loan for the purposes of expanding their business activities, because they knew that they would have the support of the partner organisation Chashma not only in the course of the project, but also after it being concluded. The support will consist in professional consulting and assistance in running their own business activities. Moreover, they will be able to count on other women in their groups and therefore be responsible for their own fate.

Despite relatively small outlays, the project is still able to change and simplify lives of those in need.


Project no. 87/2012 entitled “Development of female cooperative societies in Shahrtuz region in South Tajikistan carried out by the Polish Centre for International Aid. 

The project budget amounts to PLN 139 200,00, from which PLN 120 000,00 is donated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



"Development of female cooperative societies in Shahrtuz region in South Tajikistan" is carried out by the Polish Centre for International Aid Foundation from the means of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project is aimed at women. The movie shows baking of traditional Tajikistani bread. Aid beneficiaries were given support both in a form of a training course and a micro fund for developing their business activities. This small bakery is significantly improving the home budget of women.

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