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Development cooperation in calendars

Modern calendars not only show dates, but are also a source of other information. Depending on our interests we choose, for example, calendars, in which specific dates refer to historic events, little-known facts about well-known people or some other interesting curiosities.

This is the case of the calendar published by Department of Development Cooperation in cooperation with Press Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the European Year for Development 2015. The calendar consists of photos taken by Polish photographers and awarded in two editions of “Lens on Development” competition. Every photo tells a different story and each of them enables us, just for a brief moment, to become observers of life in different, often distant parts of our globe. What’s important, thanks to aid initiatives conducted in the framework of European development cooperation, as well as by Polish aid, these places are becoming a little better to live in.

A calendar can also have an educational role, a good example of which is the calendar published by the Hear Africa Foundation. Apart from the stories shown by the photos, you can also find there a teacher’s script for conducting classes on Uganda. An effect of the Foundation’s volunteers visit on Ssese Islands is, inter alia, creation of a script of classes within the scope of Global Education. The project was financed in 2014 by Polish aid with a volunteering program grant.

We would like to invite you to see both of the calendars.

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