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“Summer of World Changers” in Skawina

The youngest inhabitants of Skawina are spending their holiday at a day camp under the slogan “Summer of World Changers,” an educational project run by the Wyobraź sobie Foundation.

“Summer of World Changers” is made up of three five-day-long workshops for children and teenagers, which teach them about the situation of various countries in the world. The camp features games and plays to explore global interdependencies. Campers learn how what you do locally influences the global world and how the global world influences your everyday lives. The workshop on water and waste teaches the principles of responsible consumption and the management of natural resources. The children then prepare actions to change the world for the better.

During the first edition for children from fourth to sixth grade, campers made toys from old, unused materials. They also prepared and ran a water saving campaign, asking the inhabitants of Skawina how many percent of all global water is potable and what it is used for. The trainees made banners and placards to encourage water saving. 

Children from first to third grade are camping now, and the camp will host teenagers in the last week of August.

Fingers crossed for the young World Changers!

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