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Primary school reconstruction and assistance in return to homes after flood disaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina

After it moved over the Balkans, the area of low pressure called Yvette produced heavy rains on 14 and 15 May 2014, which caused a number of rivers and streams to overflow their banks within a short space of time. The floods hit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and south-western Croatia. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, water devastated many fields and buildings in the valleys of such rivers as the Bosna, running northwards from central Bosnia; the Sava, along the Bosnian-Croatian border; and the Drina, in the border area between Bosnia and Serbia. The rains and floods descended mainly on the northern and north-eastern tracts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. the Republika Srpska, Bosnian and Croatian enclaves at the Croatian border, and the Brčko District.

A town of 8-10,000 people, Šamac, lies near the place where the Bosna discharges into the Sava. The town was submerged by water which in some places was three metres deep. In other districts, homes were inundated by a two-metre wave, which destroyed flats on ground floors and public buildings (including an elementary school). Due to its location in a basin between dykes and a railway embankment, the town remained under water for nearly two weeks.

Primary school reconstruction and assistance in return to homes after flood disaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) started to act in two areas where reaction was most urgently needed in the second stage of intervention after the flood in May:

  • Equipment for a primary school and a lower secondary school in Šamac, and a primary school in Domaljevać. The assistance project paid for school desks, chairs, blackboards, necessary classroom furnishings, and small repairs. The schools at Šamacu and Domaljevać must be renovated not only for the sake of local children’s welfare, but also to make sure they can continue their education. With over 1,100 children, the primary schools and the lower secondary school are the only such institutions in town. The PCPM project delivered over PLN 95,000 in support.
  • Helping residents return to their damaged homes.The biggest aid challenge identified by the PCPM team in Šamac and other areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina was to help flood victims return to their homes in the second half of summer and in early autumn of 2014, in time before winter sets in. The programme funded by Polish Aid provided 91 families from Šamac and 9 villages of the Šamac and Domaljevać – Šamac communes with help:
    • to carry out basic repairs, such as painting the walls, plastering, drying, buying cement and paint, installing floors;
    • to buy and install doors and windows;
    • to equip homes (fridges, heating stoves, ovens, beds, washing machines)
    totalling over PLN 118,900.