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Polish Aid convoy has reached Belarus

In the early hours of 24 April 2020, the first of six lorries in the convoy reached the Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases.

Polish Consul General in Grodno Jarosław Książek was present at the unloading of the lorry which delivered products to help the Belarusian health services in the Grodno region in the fight against coronavirus. The event received coverage in Belarusian state and non-state media.

The consignment consisted of 7,500 litres of disinfectants and 25 thousand surgical masks. The aid will be distributed among health facilities in the Grodno region, and part of it will today be sent to Voranava, the region’s capital, where 80% of inhabitants are of Polish descent. The unloading of the Polish lorry in Grodno was also attended by representatives of health services in the Voranava region.

A few hours later, the rest of the convoy transporting Polish humanitarian aid reached Minsk. The city will receive products delivered in the other five lorries, including disinfectants, surgical masks, and the Arechin drug for Belarusian doctors. Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Minsk Artur Michalski spoke about Poland’s support for its eastern neighbour: “The fight against coronavirus requires neighbourly solidarity. We hope this humanitarian aid will help brave and dedicated Belarusian doctors in the difficult fight in which they risk their own health and life.” The Minsk unloading was attended by Deputy Minister of Health Boris Androsyuk.

Information on the Polish aid convoy appeared in both Polish and Belarusian media outlets.

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