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Nowe projekty pomocowe UE dla irańskiego społeczeństwa obywatelskiego

W imieniu Komisji Europejskiej zachęcamy do wzięcia udziału w dwóch konkursach na realizację projektów mających na celu wsparcie irańskiego społeczeństwa obywatelskiego. Projekty, o łącznym budżecie prawie 40 mln EUR, dotyczą w szczególności zniesienia kary śmierci oraz poszanowania praw człowieka. Poniżej szczegółowy opis w języku angielskim.


1. Title: "Strengthening the role of civil society networks in promoting human rights and democratic reform" and "Actions supporting the EU Guidelines on the abolition of Death Penalty" (2 lots)


LOT 1: "Strengthening the role of civil society networks in promoting human rights and democratic reform", there are 3 thematic sub-lots:

- sub-lot 1: Peaceful management, mediation/resolution of conflicting interests/sources of deep-seated conflict or potential violent conflict: The aim of this sub-lot is to supporting activities facilitating the peaceful conciliation and management of group interests and promoting solutions to divisive matters among stakeholders from bordering countries. The focus will be on regions which are affected by conflicts with transnational (regional and global) implications, including regions of potential conflict and post-conflict regions.

- sub-lot 2: Reinforcement of the role of transnational (regional and global) civil society organisations and networks. The aim of this sub-lot is to reinforce the role of civil society and its interaction with universal, international and regional human rights and democracy networks, mechanisms and policies, as well as intergovernmental or political bodies, including monitoring and implementation of international human rights and democracy commitments.

- sub-lot 3: Democracy Support: The aim of this sub-lot is to support democracy, in particular activities implementing the November 2009 Council conclusions on Democracy Support in EU External Relations and its Agenda for Action and ensuring the promotion and enhancement of participatory and representative democracy, including parliamentary democracy, and the processes of democratisation.

LOT 2: Actions supporting the EU Guidelines on the abolition of Death Penalty

Budget: 21.6 million euro in total. For lot 1: 14.6 million and for Lot 2: 7 million euro

2. Title: "Enhancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms where they are most at risk and supporting Human Rights Defenders" (2 geographical lots)

Lot 1: actions taking place in only 1 country

Lot 2: Transnational actions (regional and/or global)

Both lots have the same objective: to provide direct support and protection to human rights defenders and to reinforce their capacities to do their work in the short and long-term, as well as to provide tangible support and means of action to local civil society in the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in some of the world's most difficult, dangerous and unpredictable political situations and/or where they are the most vulnerable and threatened.

Budget: 15.7 million euro

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